Thursday, April 03, 2003

Well it's been a week since my last entry. that sounds like the beginning of a confession in my former life as a Catholic.

Essentially, I haven't been anywhere near as down as I've been in the past month or so. I attended 3 gatherings over the weekend, and I know that helped some. To be seen as a Leatherperson helped.
I know I am...but when I'm living that life alone, with no social contact from others, it gets tough.

Yes, I could attend straight and pan events. But that's not my tribe. The intent of the s/m is quite different.
Their culture of origin is different. I've been queer and out for 20 years, and attended Pride events when it was about activism and not about festivals and parades. It's another way of being and living life.

On Saturday night I met a man who recently moved here from San Francisco. He told me I had a few forebears, the rare female who would be at an essentially all gay leathermale event. Hearing that was a gift from the heavens.